The Thing About God

The thing about God is that He doesn’t need me at all.
And when I spend time with him, at first I feel
so very small…

But feelings of insignificance change to ones of connection
as He speaks into my soul and shows me His affection,
reminding me that – somehow – I am His reflection and

He wants me.

I don’t know how this can be!
But I see that it is reality
and I try to let myself go as
I grasp onto Him entirely.

I soon learn that it is impossible to hold onto Him firmly
and I have to let go to gain understanding I seek of a God so vast as He
and as I fall, I find myself landing suddenly
into the gentlest of arms.



And the joy starts deep within, bubbling forth from my innermost being cautiously – then builds momentum in His delight and bursts, explosively,
out of me
and none could possibly
understand – Oh!

This is that “life abundantly”
the one that He promised me,
that I could never see

…until now.

– B. Biter, 2021

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