Pretty little lady in the Thunderbird shirt

Wanting to be good enough to not get hurt

Nobody told you that his rules are absurd

Or that, just by existing, you deserve to be heard

You don’t have to stay here; it’s okay to be seen

You’re a precious jewel, not something unclean!

You were told you were unwanted, but that isn’t true

The God of all creation hand-picked you.

~ B. Biter

I wrote this short peom to a younger version of myself. It was meant to be affirming and uplifting, but I cringed when I read it.

Using my former logic and flawed “truth” – I didn’t want to be precious or valuable, because that meant someone would want to harm me or use me for their own gain. I would have rather been worthless and invisible so that I’d be left alone, and that breaks my heart for younger me.

But by confronting that, I am able to realize that strength and beauty can live side-by-side. I can see my heavenly Protector shielding me from those wanting to steal my worth and hear His reminders of exactly who I am, even in my lowest moments.

I was made to shine on a hill top, not languish in a bottomless pit of darkness! This is something that I wrestle with still, especially as the pit is strangely comforting in its familiarity. But I am learning to enjoy the warmth of the sunshine as I allow myself and others to see just how valuable I truly am.

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