I unlocked a long-forgotten room
that was now a dark and haunted tomb
where naught was found but one lonely treasure
who quickly stood to her feet and took my measure.

Her eyes were deep and cut deep within
as if she could see my every hope…every sin…
Her small frame was drawn up to it’s fullest height
and shoulders thrown back – she was ready to fight!

I stood still, not daring even one word
as I waited to hear what hadn’t yet been heard…
but this brave little soul didn’t yet know
that she no longer had to put on a show

So I whispered, so softly, “You don’t have to fear!
There’s no need for pretending when I am here.”
The smallest of changes crossed her face,
and I wanted to take her into my embrace.

But this skittish child would surely run far away
to some other world where she could play
without worry, without cares – being unable to feel
she hid herself in that world which wasn’t quite real.

So I stayed still as I could in her dark little corner
and followed the lead of this small princess warrior
until her features relaxed and she began to breathe
….a small part of myself began slowly to seethe

at the thought of her cringing away from be
and running to a place that I know…but cannot see…
because THEY had so deeply wounded her soul..
…All their hatred toward her had taken it’s toll.

But she gave me the slightest nod of her head
and gestured for me to sit beside her instead
then she herself sat before saying, almost inaudibly,
“Okay. You can share this space with me.”

And as light poured into this lonesome place
I sat to remember what my mind had erased
wondering how she had survived it at all
I turned toward her to see that tears had started to fall

down her precious little face as she came to realize
that I understood as I saw through her beautiful eyes
and that she could be heard without then being hurt
or made to feel ugly, unwanted…worthless as dirt.

And through a cloud of horror from things once seen
I reached out to hug this sweet little being
Who curled up closely to my chest
and finally found a safe place to rest

But when I invite her with me out the door,
suddenly – she was there no more!
So, once again, I search for this child
who may always be…
…just beyond me…
in the wild.

Bethany R Biter

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