Yesterday, the sun was shining. There was a nice breeze as I stood in the shade of a tree after lunch, talking with two beautiful friends. My tummy was full, but my heart is fuller.

We spoke about everything under that sun, working through hard things and celebrating happy moments. Not one of us looks like the other. Not one of us is in the same stage of life. Not one of us sees the world through the same lens.

But we were doing life together.

There are so many opportunities to extend love and grace and friendship to one another. So many ways we can see the person behind the conflict. So many times we can reach out and pull another up, spurring them onward without making it a competition.

I pray that I don’t forget how much good is in those around me. That I always see differences as something to learn from and embrace. That I am able to love, in spite of myself, with grace and humility.

And I pray you know peace.

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