Be Still

After a winding drive through neighborhoods we don’t usually travel, my seven-year-old was ecstatic to find himself at the splash pad. He was even more excited to discover he could run through the water – in his regular clothes! It was like splashing in parking lot puddles after an unexpected rain but BETTER because the whole neighborhood decided to join in; kids and grown ups alike!

And suddenly, it was all too much.

He needed a break from his good surprise. He told me he was going to meditate and sat on the folded towel before closing his eyes. He paused for a time to just be still, shutting the world out and giving himself space so he wasn’t overwhelmed by all the sensory things. When he returned to playing, it was with even more joy than before.

Do you practice the pause?

When too much of something (even a good thing) threatens to throw you off balance, are you able to stop and focus on just being still for a moment? I’ve learned that when I do take that step back, I am able to be renewed so that I can rejoin my life of pursuing the best things instead of simply the good ones. Joy and contentment abound. Magic begins to happen as we slow down.

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